New Land




Always Come to Me

Waves and Walls

Between peaceful guitar motives and eclectic wide-ranging strings and synths Huxley Sun reveals a melacolic world of its own.

Originally conceived in 2016 this is the music project of Argentinian multi-instrumentalist Federico Carpi. He writes, records, performs and produces all of the project's music. Concentrated in the indie-folk genre a slow pace but contemplative style marks the beginning of a much broader spectrum of characters.

As kms_reviews puts it 'Music like this isn’t staged or played off a notesheet. Music like this originates from the heart. That’s probably the greatest gift any artist out there can give you'.

'It's exhilarating to finally have my music outside these four walls and be able to communicate through sounds that have been building up in my head for such a long time. It makes me want to do more and the reception so far has been incredible'.

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