Huxley Sun's NFT collections

All NFTs display in Huxley Sun's official accounts represent the music from the project.

All collections are minted on Opensea in the Polygon network. This avoids paying gas fees. 

NFTs surge as an expression of support, community and investment. I hope that with them you can not only hold a digital asset but also belong to a project that is more than a blockchain contract. 

Every holder will get freebies and VIP access to pre-releases, videos, HQ artworks for prints and more. 

Follow the roadmap to know where we stand and learn about future plans.

June Collection

A collection based on the single June released in 2021 - 100 NFTs

Metaverse Guitar Collection

A collection based on the acoustic guitar used in all Huxley Sun's songs - 500 NFTs

The roadmap represents only the minting process plus some other milestones. 

There will be an ongoing paid promotion of all collections plus paid promotion for the music project as well.

When the amount of holders will demand it, a Discord channel will be created. 

When the technology will allow it, holders would be able to buy shares of copyrights in order to have a passive income from streams in platforms. This is one of the main ideas of all of this. Right now (nov. 2021) is not possible even though there are companies working on it.